Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fallout Motorbike, a tribute to classic chopper in a futuristic package

Designed as a tribute to the classic chopper, the “Fallout” by William Woods is a concept motorbike executed with the street-fighter ethos of function over form. Combining the single sided swingarm with the Bimota sourced frame, the futuristic motorcycle creates an exclusive hub-centered steering for a steaming yet smooth ride. Featuring short bo

Metalback Motorcycle Concept

Metalback motorcycle concept by Jordan Meadows Design

Computer renderings of concept bikes are two-a-penny these days, but this one deserves more attention than most. Metalback comes from a leading automotive designer called Jordan Meadows, and it’s an attempt to marry the ethos of the traditional café racer with contemporary green credentials. “The concept is powered by a v4 engine running on bio diesel,” says Meadows. “Its frame and skin are crafted from recycled aluminum. This has the advantage of saving weight to enhance performance, while reclaiming pre-used material. In the manufacturing process, the alloy is treated to patina and age naturally without expensive and harmful paint applications. The net effect is a raw natural surface which suits the classic cafe racer, and recalls the romance and power of vintage WW2 fighter planes.” It’s an interesting approach and Meadows has the history to back it up: until last year he was Design Manager at Mazda’s North American Design Center, and his CV includes stints Volkwagen, Chrysler/Jeep and Ford. The big question is whether a mainstream motorcycle manufacturer would be prepared to go down this road—and is the public prepared to buy into it? [Image © Jordan Meadows Design.]

Seppster 2 Ice Racer

Seppster 2 Ice Racer custom motorcycle by TGS

My folks live in England, and—like most people in Western Europe—they’ve spent the past few weeks buried under snow and ice in the most vicious winter for decades. Which led me to thinking about all the motorcycles locked up in garages and sheds, waiting for the roads to clear and tires to find grip. So when I happened across this extraordinary machine from TGS in Germany, I had to feature it. The bike was built by TGS’ owner Tobias Guckel for Sepp Schmidt, hence the name ‘Seppster’. And those huge Avon Cobra tires each have 120 spikes for maximum purchase on ice … Of course, it’s not an entirely practical bike, unlike the hugely popular ice speedway racers of Europe, but it’s a very interesting alternative to the usual ‘Hot Wheels’ style choppers. Power comes from a turbocharged S&S 93-ci motor, but virtually every other part of this machine was built in-house by TGS, from the radical single-sided front fork to the rigid frame and wheels. This bike came third at the 2008 World Championship of Bike Building; like Hot Dock’s StG Nautilus, it was overshadowed by Roger Goldammer’s paradigm-shifting ‘Goldmember’. In any other year, Ice Racer would have grabbed the spotlight, and rightly so.

The Indian Motorcycle Company

Indian was the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world during the early part of the 20th century, and the "Indian" brand was America's oldest motorcycle company, until its demise in 2003.

1906 Indian 'Camel Back IOE Single
Zoom: 1906 Indian 'Camel Back' IOE Single

The company built its first production motorcycle in 1904, the diamond framed "Indian Single." The engine for the Indian Single was built by Aurora in Illinois. The Indian Single's deep red color became a signature of the brand. The single-cylinder motor was modeled after the de Dion-Bouton vélocipède engine, which produced 1.75-horsepower. The Indian Single could reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour.

1911 Indian 580cc TT Racer
1911 Indian 580cc TT Racer

1915 Indian Twin 1000cc with side car
1915 Indian Twin 1000cc with side car

Indian built its first V-twin engine in 1907. In 1916, Indian added the so-called "Powerplus" 1000 cc engine, which was a side-valve, 42 degree v-twin that was capable of a 60 mph top speed.

1914  Indian Twin 1000cc Motor
1914 Indian Twin 1000cc Motor

1914 Model F Boardtrack Racer Motor
1914 Indian Model F Boardtrack Racer - 30.50ci IOE Engine

Both of the principles left the company early in its history. Oscar Hedström resigned in 1913 after disagreements with the Board of Directors, and George Hendee resigned three years later.

1914 Indian Twin Speedometer
1914 Indian Twin Speedometer

1915 Indian Twin Speedometer
1915 Indian Twin Speedometer

1915 Indian Twin Throttle Linkage
1915 Indian Twin Throttle Linkage - Zoom

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Honda Zoomer Scooter Modifications

These two customized versions extend the Zoomer’s unique personality to two different kinds of scooting: a “Work Zoomer” equipped with cargo carriers that make it ideal for the urban delivery business, and a “Beach Zoomer” outfitted for hauling body boards and other fun-in-the-sun.

length(mm) 735(835)
wide(mm) 1,025(1,495)
hright(mm) 1,200
displacement(cm3) 49
engine water cooled 4 stroke single cylinder

Honda Zoomer Wallpaper Honda Zoomer Picture



The concept does not actually offer grandiose, but the original idea. Initiated by aging brusher Wito Brush from Solo, dijejalilah diverse body of this motor circuitry typically graphical effects. The most obvious, bottom color that is made all-nano. Impression of color and not monotonous. Let more complete, given the color gradations are not too obvious, from pink, red to orange to yellow.
One Million wah effects can be displayed for any motor, let alone in the motor which had a body width matic and dynamic as this one Honda Vario Techno. Moreover, profiles and hollow body is pretty sporty performance supporting the airbrush graphics are displayed. Not surprisingly, CM57 squad apply this flow in the motor geberan Haryonogo Encang alias.
The most fresh, the combination of these colors are interspersed with other effects, including watersplash, thin smoke in every color to the word ‘motor chang’ which is made asymmetrical in some parts.

Special groove and the line itself does not irregular, but most are given the concept of minimalism with an additional flash as prinstrip indentation in the middle.
The best paint finishing election as any supporting Spieshecker final performance. Bright, cheerful and not monotonous. .: Punk / rob / neo

Brush spek
SOK DPN: Variations, discs DPN; Ninja Double disc, KALIPER / MASTER: RRSS / Standard, SOK BLK; Daytona, BLK discs: Ninja, MASTER / KALIPER: Nissin, a rim DPN / BLK; Bunbon 17, DPN BAN / BLK; Slick 50/90-17, filter: Koso, exhaust: CLD Racing. CAT / CLEAR: Spieshecker, BRUSHER: Wito Airbrush, modifier: CM57.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Terminator Salvation Motorcycle Concept

The images are the concept of the Moto-Terminator, which shows a Terminator bot riding a motorcycle, the Ducati Hypermotard.